State of baby report

I keep getting caught up in plans and micro stuff and realize I haven't done very well documenting where Nava is at overall.

1. Eating (start with you strong suit right?)
Tonight's dinner was pea sprouts with sesame seeds, lentils with curried water spinach and a fried egg. Does that tell you anything?! Who am I and where has this health food nut of a child come from?! We went dairy free over a month ago and it's improved her breathing, her airways are clearer. I wish I could give her yogurt and cheese but she doesn't know what she's missing for the most part so...oh well.
She has recently taken strides towards self feeding with a spoon. For a while now the drill has been that I load the spoon, she grabs it and gets her bite and then gives me back the spoon. Rinse. Repeat. Tonight was a step up in it was her first time being interested in participating in getting food on the spoon and also grabbing for it even when I hadn't prepped a bite. Thank goodness for tile floors and tropical temperatures!

2. Communication
When she's eating she clearly demonstrates wanting a bite of which type of food or water by reaching, grabbing, refusing, grunting. But no attempts at vocalizing. Generally she is quiet with occasional bout of babbling. She does bye-bye very well now and is into all sorts of interactive hand signals. She only has one sign (more) and even that isn't so strong. We haven't really done hard work on signing and it shows. She just started copying coughing! She thinks it's grand fun and it was a deliberate thing she taught herself to do (first attempts she was scrunching her eyes up in focus and only getting a tiny sound); it's very funny to watch! Her comprehension is good, I think she easily knows over 20 words that we can tell, and likely has many more.

3. Moving
Still stalled on the belly crawl. This is the biggest biggest issue. Girlfriend needs to move! She can cruise when motivated but she doesn't pull herself up, it requires us helping get her up in the first place. She recently started sliding off the bed and sofa intentionally, feet first, very slowly until her feet touch the ground. It's a great step because she is generally very scared of being out of control. She is sooooooooooooooooo proud when she does it!

4. Hand motions
She can now get her stacking cups in and out of each other and when I got back from Singapore I got to see her trying out her new pincher grip! (pointing finger to thumb grip). It's still not always used but getting better and better. Like I said above she is getting better with a spoon now too. She understands now about getting the little toy from the bottom of a cup and that sort of thing.
She has developed the lovely (!) habit of pulling hair of other kids and even adults within range. Oh joy. We are working on 'softly!' She is now in baby stage of Giving; where she wants to give you things all the time: her snack, her glasses (!), her rubber ducky... I remember this stage in other kids and it has been fun to see such a definitive stage emerge.

I'll try to get pics or video to illustrate the above posted in the next few days! Until then if anyone knows how to get a girl moving, besides leaving on her tummy on the floor as much as possible...


  1. sounds like Nava is rocking it! I love belly crawling it is so fun and becomes so fast quick! yeah for Nava! smiles

  2. Go Nava! Fun to picture her doing these things!


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