WISE 1: A new series

After this development, pictured below, I decided Navagating needs an occasional series called What Is She Eating?!

Any guess yet? If you haven't been to Lao it's not really a fair contest. They don't sell it at Safeway, Costco, or any farmers markets in North America.

Fun fact: I've had the pleasure of watching it made, live and in person. It's traditionally eaten (if you can call it that) by men while drinking.

Got it yet?

It's Buffalo Hide stick. No, that's not a brand name. It's really what it is. They slice hide, dry it, barbecue it right on the coals and then hit it with a mallet till all the burn has fallen off, the fur having hopefully burned off by that point too. I
I'll have to check with Daddy if there are any steps I've missed. It is almost impossible to eat really but you just chew and chew for a long time. And *enjoy* the flavor (kinda sounds like cow head right?). And the flavor? Well a friend describes it as tasting like a buffalo smells.

She's not wrong. But hey, if you're into that kinda thing...

Apparently Nava is. Take that plastic teething ring!

UPDATE:Apparently I can't fix the crappy picture quality for now as I'm uploading via ipad 3G. As soon as I have a working computer back, pics will improve!


  1. BUFFALO HIDE STICK???!!!!!! that ROCKS!

  2. I'm thinking of a Lao line of baby's first foods.... ;)


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