getting Zzzzzs

We recently packed up Nava's pack-n-play. Can't say its forever, but right now using a floor bed set up seems to be working very well. I like that the floor bed means if she wakes up she can explore without waiting for 'rescue'--I'll do anything to encourage her to get moving! The floor bed is recommended in Montessori materials too I recently found out.

Look who woke up!
For daytime naps (downstairs), she uses a crib mattress on the floor plus a bed rail we inherited from leaving friends (Thanks Elissa!). At night she has a thin twin-size mattress in our room. We have to creatively pillow-border it because girlfriend MOVES at night--exactly the reason our co-sleeping days are over. In fact, we have a second folding mattress we keep right nearby so there's plenty of space for all of us to stretch out for storytime before bed or to cuddle her on a rough night. She has a real thing about wrapping her leg over things while sleeping. The IKEA croc now does an important job since I no longer have to contribute my head/arm/leg/belly.We leave her bedtime books around her so she has things to check out in the morning while mom and dad try to cling to the last threads of sleep...

Zonk City as Grandpa says

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