ups and downs

I've been pretty pensive about Nava's DIY therapy these days. She's definitely crawling musch more and more confidently but its very up and down, one day to the next. And while the progress is noticeable, she is still not fully in the swing of things. She resents having to crawl for stuff unless its a game. The discovery buzz is missing.

Last weekend, I was very up because she has grabbed a basket off a shelf and investigated it and also came across the bathroom trash can and felt it needed a look. Both HUGE for her. But its been a week and nothing more than that to report. The investigations have not continued.

One cool thing that she did last weekend that continued: spontaneous stacking. I'd just covered some old forula cans in sticker paper for fun diy toys and as i was finishing up I stacked one on the other without a thought.  Nava came over and knocked it off (her favorite game) but then grabbed the can and put it back on the other one. I was floored-she did it without being "taught' to and was completely self motivated to do so (motivation is our issue round these parts). And that, that at least, has continued. Yay.

Other fun little developments keep popping up-she does a great brace and cover pose when she sees a huge yoga ball bouncing to her and confidently pushes the ball away (confidence-another whoop for us).

She continues to be a Dancing Queen. Just barely the first note from a tuned radio station and she's already shot her arm out and started twisting her wrist, open and closing her hand (her version of Lao dancing). We have a fantastic video of her doing a sit-down boogie for a long time (in which she switches up her moves every so often mind you!) but the internet is just too creaky to get it on the blog right now.

We continue to log meters crawled. For those of you keeping track it was in the 20s through July (as in per day. not. a. lot). Week before last she made it to 82 (woot!) but then was unmotivated all week, stuck in the 50-60s. Then on Saturday I came home with frozen yogurt cups and we got a game going and even once the fro-yo was a memory we kept going and at bedtime I totaled up: 96.2m. ! We had to re-do the math and question if we'd missed a decimal point. But it was real. 

And so, we keep on keeping on. Cheers to that.


  1. You are doing amazingly with it! Well done. I love to hear her progress.

  2. It's tough sometimes when it seems like it's touch and go. I know. I mean "touch and go" in the sense of starting and lulling with the developmental going...
    Do you guys have a PT there? Or do you do yoga with her? Our last PT wasn't awful so much as just doing not a lot that I didn't do myself with the "Gross Motor Skills" book, but I thought the baby yoga (- essentially baby Thai Massage, I thought) was a LOT more effective. I did that on my own, but it would be super easy for you there....
    As I understand it though, it's mostly just providing our little ones with opportunities galore, and helping them through the first moves, which is what you are doing.

    ps. Gosh, she's so cute - xoxox


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