WISE 2: Khao pun is fun!

I wasn't kidding about posting on What Is She Eating (WISE). Just haven't had that much new food recently. However, this last weekend Nava ate her first taste of goat at a kiddie birthday party (Happy Birthday Maya!) and she loved it. To be fair though really any good tough chewly barbequed meat strip is her friend in these days of teething. The best part about her enjoying it was Daddy wouldn't eat it. Two surprising things my hubby doesn't eat that I do: goat and eel. But I digress. This post is not about goat barbeque really. I didn't get a good picture of it and if I had, you wouldn't want to see it.

But there was another funky food recently: Khao Pun. Its cold soft fresh rice noodles that must be one of the stickiest things on earth. They come in patty arrangement and you can't separate the strands. They only last maybe a day before going off-delicate noodles. We had some at home with Vietname take out; Naem Nuang is tons of fresh greens, small chopped veggie bits, chunks of grilled pork sausage, Khao Puhn, maybe some peanuts, wrapped up in a fresh spring roll wrapper and dipped. High labor, high flavor. Yum. Eating Naem Nuang would be out of Nava's reach though as it requires some serious chew action from more teeth than the girl's got. So she got to play with the noodles instead.
What's this? And how do you get it off!?!?!

Crazy sticky. There were noodles everywhere. I had to promise the cousins I'd only give her Kao Puhn outside from now on. Whoops. 

And then I remembered that Kao Puhn is very traditionally eaten a special (kid of watery) curry and finely chopped veg. So I warmed some of the pork curry in the fridge and plopped it on a bowl of khao puhn and Nava slurped it up. Yum.

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  1. Funny that this post followed one about DIY therapy :) I see an activity like this and I can't help but think about it in terms of therapeutic benefits. The other night we were at a Chinese/Thai restaurant and Pacey used his training chopsticks to pop a huge bite of rice into his mouth. I automatically thought about how proud his wonderful early intervention occupational therapist would have been!

    Pacey came up while I was reading this post. "Cute baby," he says, and "red glasses." I think he's jealous...red is his favorite color but his glasses are blue.


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