31 for 21: Aquarium photobomb

Nava decided that her cousins needed to do something fun on their very healthcare heavy Bangkok trip last weekend (try 7 appointments in 4 days over 3 places!)

And you know she likes fish just like her Daddy. So the Bangkok Aquarium was an obvious choice. Which is located in a shopping mall of course.

So 4 days and 6 appointments done and only one to go and a whole morning free we headed out to platy (Daddy went back to work - counting and managing fish - the night before so he missed out.

the big crab is gonna get me!

this was the first tank she really got into looking at. Not so spectacular fish, very spectacular kid.

funny fish!

The fabulous Saeng

the much loved Goong

napping in the Ergo midway

Posing with a toddler. Not. Easy.

oooh!, how did they get in there?!
(side note: the aquarium list price is STEEP (like $20+). But Thai price is less-they post in Thai numbers so foreign tourists don't see. But they accept Thai residents on Thai price with documentation. I have no such docs but I do have a very good Thai accent. We got in for $6 each; Nava was free. hehehehee)


  1. Love, love that you all got in as Thai... didyou say the cousins were from Isaan?

  2. I told the cousins to say they were from Udon if anyone asked them but it didn't come to that!
    Ahhhh...its the little things. Esp at the aquarium is Australian owned!


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