31 for 21: The best blocks aren't blocks

Today, Nava and her cousin Saeng are doing a rare product placement here on Navagating. On a recent trip to our closest big box store (close meaning only one international border crossing away mind you) we discovered a seriously awesome toy no one seems to know about.

So awesome that toddlers to kindergartners were fighting over it at a birthday party this weekend. That awesome. And they aren't available in the toy section; instead, they come from the home cleaning product aisle. In our area they run 8 baht each (little more than a quarter). But you need lots of them. LOTS and LOTS of them. We found 'em in four pretty colors.

They are pool toys. They are the bestest beginning building blocks. They are sensory playthings.

They are sponges!

They stick together like velcro making them super easy to build towers and stack with. They are especially forgiving to stackers just getting started that might not have the lightest touch. Plus, they are fun to squeeze with all your might. You can tickle people with them and run them up and down hands and legs and throw them without anyone getting hurt.



  1. great discovery!! I love the idea.

  2. such a super idea! i must try it with the biggs. who is a capital F, stacking FAILURE.

  3. I would love to see if it works for The Biggs! Nava doesn't stack spontaneously, but if we give her the idea she can do it with these.

    She prefers to squeeze them with all her might and then try to bite them tho...


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