31 for 21: Boat Racing!

the boats are beautiful and very impressive looking when zooming by under the power of 45 men or women!

the other side is Thailand!

daddy, why is there a napkin on my head?!

it's so embarrassing!

this is better than a dirty napkin! Hmpf!

oh the paparazzi..

he doesn't do it as good as me, clearly.

time to go home!

With the end of lent comes the annual national boat racing festival which completely shuts down downtown Vientiane for about a week. Races are only one day but its a huge street festival with stalls, games, food, you name it, with a Lao flavor. Like next to the stalls of ballon dart games there are pseudo roulette wheels and lottery games and while you can buy commemorative T-shirts, you can also buy dish soap and toilet brushes!!

It's a hot and messy day (its kosher to drink again now that lent is over) and generally overwhelming so with a kidlet we parred festivities down to just soaking it in from a fixed location, a friendly restaurant. Maybe next year I won't hide behind Nava and get back in the boat!

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