31 for 21: How to enjoy the pool

Our buddy Mala gave Nava's "boat" a go

Last weekend, well really its more like 'last, last weekend', with Daddy out of town us two girls decided to get out of the house and do something outside. Since it wasn't raining (unusual this season), the pool beckoned. So we jumped on the bike and Nava promptly fell asleep.  We refreshed with mango shake (no points for guessing which one of us really needed refreshment after 5 kilometers in tropical heat) and finally got to this beautiful pool. It's at a hotel and it's expensive but it has shade and it's pretty and there aren't 50+ screaming unminded children running around and splashing you like at the other pool (and luckily one of our baby gang has a membership! Thanks Mel and Mala!).

We got in and Nava was in top form, jumping off the side to the count of 1-2-3!.

And then jumping off the side with no count and mommy not really watching cause she was too busy talking. Mommy learned her lesson!

And then lunch and naptime was upon us. First I put her down on the lounger but she seemed to want to crawl and stretch a bit so I put a towel down and put her on it in the shade. And she slowly made her way off the towel, into the sun, and passed out on numbly pebbly ground. Head down.

Being the good mommy I took a few pics and jumped in while I could but soon the awkward nap was over. Maybe the hotel could use it as a promotional shot for how relaxing their pool is?


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