31 for 21: kickin' back with a cold one

Nava rocks straws. This is the #2 talktools straw which is easy for her now so she's moved on to a straw that's twice as high and has two loops in it!


  1. Ok I am going to buy one of these cups. I have been thinking about it but not sure if Adeline could handle it. She always chews up the straw on the straw cups. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I swear by take and toss straw cups. You can totally avoid washing straws (if your eco guilt allows) by just buying a pack of disposable straws and using them with the cups too.
    We use the the talk tools straws as much as is feasible but on the road, out and about we don't have to bring a sippy cup at all, just use a regular straw we can toss and buy a bottle of water or whatever...


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