31 for 21: THUNK!

Nava has been doing well with her floor bed set up. But unfortunately she had started resisting bedtime more and more-as in I-know-whats-coming-and-I-don't-wanna-go-to-sleep-now sort of thing. I took comfort in the pride that she had the cognitive skills to know what bedtime was and resist but it still was killing my evenings and wrecking my dinnertime.

And then Dad was home for 10days straight and did every single bedtime. Ahhhhh....

And then I had a wild idea. I juiced up the ipod and brought it to bed and turned on an audiobook. Sleep passed out near instantly. 3 days running and its still working. The combo of the audiobook plus her now fully firmly established 1 nap per day (2 hours long) are really paying off. And mommy is happy!

Oh and, that nap? Took 6 months to firmly emerge from the 2 naps system. It was a looooooong time coming!

So, why THUNK? Because she continues to roll off her (nearly King sized) floor futon and onto the wood floor. With a THUNK we can hear downstairs. Sometimes she says totally asleep. Sometimes a low groan begins but she's still out. Rarely it can cause crying. Sometimes we come up to move her back on her mattress and she's under our bed!!


  1. I used to have nightmares (as a child) about losing my baby and finding her under the bed. Thank goodness this sounds more comical than anything! She is SO adorable.

  2. I'm sure there is NO logical reason why children with Ds should be more restless sleepers than children without, but all my friends tell the same story about their enhanced kiddos' sleep movement. Pacey was always all over his crib and fell out of his toddler bed several times - despite rails - before he got used to it. It's only in the last year or so that he actually sleeps with his head on a pillow, in a typical bed position. :)

  3. Anonymous9.10.11

    Fantastic! And completely adorable to boot. I wish I had a giant stuffed alligator to protect me while I slept.

  4. @Leah-I had a 2 milisecond panic attack the first morning I woke up to her moaning and sat up in bed and couldn't see her. Freaked. Me. Out.

    @Jaida-its funny, now that she crawls more in the day she moves much more at night too--and its not just rolling, it's asleep crawling!

  5. I love the picture in this post!


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