31 for 21: Blood draw miracle

[republishing because of bad iPad photos]
Nava is not an easy girl to get blood out of. Little people, little veins; little people with 47 chromosomes, little chance of finding a vein. And needless to say, she doesn't particularly enjoy when vampires--sorry, nurses--descend on her. Just like she doesn't approve of the ENT looking in her ears nor of the nurse that tries to wrap a measuring tape around her head for no good reason...

Yeah, so, let's just say she's not known as an easy kid at the Dr's office. So when we went in for blood work, Dad and I were both bracing ourselves. Dad thought to grab out the bag of pork rinds (maybe you call it pork crackling?) as a distracting treat. My first thought was, yeah right..., but I did as asked. And with Dad in the chair holding Miss N tight, I started feeding the both of them crunchy munchies while the nurses swooped in.

And I waited for the waterworks. And waited. And was still waiting even as vials full of blood were appearing.

Pork rinds. Nothing short of miraculous.

Not one tear was shed even four vials later.


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