31 for 21: Mekong sunset photshoot

(a little behind in the 31 for 21 challenge because we just had a 2 day holiday followed by a weekend here..ahhh, that was nice....)
iBert rocks!

The weather is really changing here in Laos. While its still raining, its noticeably cooler too (YAY!) and the rainy season grey is slipping away. We've been enjoying it by getting out on the bicycle more and more. In honor of the end of lent we went to the Mekong at sunset as tradition on that night is to launch a small 'boat' with candles, incense, flowers, and whatnot for good luck. It was a beautiful sunset.

And as usual, Daddy decided a photoshoot was in order, so behold!

no photoshopping: the sunset just got amazing if we used the flash...lol, Navagating is SOO not a photography blog!

By for now everybody!

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