WISE 3: River Algae

[This is Part 3 of the WISE series. WISE stands for What Is She Eating?!? Where we document all the local or otherwise unusual yumminess Nava gets up to]


Kai Pan is Lao seaweed. But wait. Lao is landlocked. Ok, Kai Pan is Lao river algae, Yum yum! It's actually really really good and that's coming from a person who isn't really into actual seaweed all that much. Made in the north, it's dried and seasoned into sheets with garlic and tomato and sesame. The sheets are fried for a few seconds to crispy and you crunch away.

Apparently, its really good for you. More importantly, it's yummy.
And best of all, Nava loves it!

The proof is in the sesame coated toddler. face, arms, hands, legs, ankles...

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