it's good to have a hobby

...in Nava's case, the hobby is object transference (or at least that's what Moxie's mama calls it.)
must. get. all. the. balls. out.

Nava has become obsessed in a big way about with taking x out and putting x back. it is clearly the passion of her 19 month old heart. Balls are generally the number one target.

we put the balls on the chair. that's where they go. trust me.

She also enjoys emptying her bag of bath toys one by one into the bath basin while sitting on her potty in her pre-bath toilette ritual. She developed the game before I read about it being a good PT exercise (reaching and grabbing and transferring across midline, ya know). So now we cal it therapy and mommy takes credit.

She's also been broadening her areas of house control. I recently came home to this, carefully stacked by her. 

Apparently mommy's books day's are numbered. I predict very soon this will become a toy shelf...

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  1. in and out...that's rachel's favorite game too!


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