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There has been so much up as of late it's hard to know where to start. First up, communication.

Nava has taken to sign language in a big way as of late. It is sooo much fun. After our last trip to Bangkok we bit the bullet and re-commited ourselves to working on it. We led in this time with a suggested phrase: I (hand to self) + Want (hand outstretched palm up) + That (pointing at object). It took a matter of days for this to replace the heavy starring/grunt she used to do at the food she wanted and she quickly ran want+it together in one fluid notion. She also detirmed that "I" was unneccessary because, well...dude, was it ever in doubt who is doing the wanting here ?!?! She got into telling us exactly which food she wanted a bite of (still prefers we spoon rather than self spoon), when she wants water, and when she'd like you to fork over your breakfast cause it looks better than hers.

What was interesting was this phrase triggered her bringing back "more" pretty much all on her own. And she uses that in a big way now. She then picked up Book as her next sign (after 3 days of mommy doing it). Eat she prefers to do her way (mouth opening and closing) over ASL. She kinda stalled there but we are keeping up with more signs and have no doubt more are to come. Oh and she has definitely gotten into pointing beyond food too. She tells us, for example, to go upstairs, outside, in the high chair, and points to the mat in the backyard when she wants us to put it out so she can play. She is so tickled when we "get" what she's saying.

So now every night, after pajamas she tells us Books! And then assigns me to read 2-20 books before the thumb goes in and the eyelids droop. It's a hard life.


  1. Well done Miss Nava! You have them right where you want them!


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