been there, done that

A day touristing in KL (the bird park and the petronas towers) ended with a dip in the pool.

Nava was joined by her daddy and Uncle Boris while mommy looked on from 14 stories up!

tomorrow we jet off to a tropical island!

on a jet plane

We're in KL!



wordless Wednesday: See Spot Read

my Little Miss All Grown Up

Well, Nava is still somewhat 'broke'. Mealtimes are definitely back to what they used to me but I'm starting to grasp that maybe they will never go back. Because my baby is growing up.

She is still haveing snitty hissy fits at meals pretty often. But one clear consistency is emerging. She wants control. She wants the power. She wants WANTS to feel like this is her deal not ours. Independent streak much?

We are trying to give her what she demands but the trouble is sometimes she's not really sure what she wants either. Last night she got her little table rather than the highchair, Goong feeding her rather than me, to be finger fed (as in someone else's fingers!) rather than spoon fed or self feeding of any sort. Spoiled much? Oh yeah, and she still shook her head no and made her 'no' sound with each bite. Right up until the plate was licked clean.

Since power and control seem a big part of the mystery we have ditched the oatmeal and gone to a finger food breakfast. This makes her very happy. She likes that we are all doting on her every whim but yet she in in charge, none of us are touching her food, there is no spoon nor plate in sight and all is right with the world.

Three cheers for peanut butter rice cakes and apple slices. And dinner tonight is out. Because Little Miss All Grown Up, like her mommy, totally loves to eat out and thus behaves better out than at home these days!

Check out my new hair style--pig tails!


dang, we broke her

Amidst the joy of Nava deciding to pick up her spoon (has happened 2x by the way-promise to let you know if it reappears) there is also some serious drama.

Like as in crying snotty snitty pissy drama.

who me?
You see, Nava has developed a little habit at mealtimes (esp breakfast and dinner it seems) that consists or crying. Crying when you give her food, crying between bites, crying and then crying. It also features head shaking NO! and the twisting of ones body back on itself. On a few occasions it has even featured the dreaded toddler back arch.

-it's not the food. We are only serving things she loves. she eats the whole thing generally. between cries and pouts.
-it's not teething. No other symptoms; no painful thumb gnawing in the past 72 hours
-its not intense hunger. She's done it even when dinner was preceded by a huge snack by only 30 min.

What do we think it is? Well...we tried process of elimination:
1st: gown out of love of vegetables? NOPE carbs and protein rejected too.
2nd: too hungry? gave snack. NOPE.
3rd: wants out of highchair? NOPE
4th: needs to go potty? NOPE
5th: mad that we tried to get her to self-feed? NOPE
6th: mad that we didn't let her self-feed? NOPE
7th: mad that are using spoon? NOT REALLY (switching to finger feeding sometimes increased intake to 2-3 bites between cried though)
8th: mad that we serve her out of her special plate/bowl? HMMM (switched to real palte last night and rest of dinner was peaceful. Used real bowl this morning, still had a hissy).
9th: doesn't want Mama to feed her: HMMMM (mom is not around for lunch and lunch seems less drama. she let Nanny Noi feed her this morning after I backed away)

The mystery continues and I'm begining to dread mealtimes.

Advice? Anyone?


wordless* Wednesday

If you say "Nava is SO Cute!", this is what you get.
It's brilliant.

*Ok, so not wordless. Whoops.


over the moon with a spoon

Breakthrough alert!

Nava has been adamantly (that's a nice word for it!) refusing to have anything to do with using a spoon for the past couple of months. She was quite good at it and then decided OhHellNoI'mNotDoingThatItsYourJob.

On my part I did some hemming and hawing about it, how long I should let it go on, whether I should push her more, maybe if she goes to playschool, she'll learn...blah blah blah.

And then last night, Nava decided the spoon might be cool after all.

Looks like a pro don't you think? 

 Last nights dinner was rice soup with hamburger and spinach. Yum yum.

 After about 10 minutes of intense spooning she did decide she'd had enough and decided to finish off the remaining yummy spinach in a more direct manner.

Fine by me!


With so much

With so much to say, why write?
I feel like that's what the naughty voice in my head keeps telling me these days? I know. Makes no sense. Ugh. So again, standing atop a pile of topics to write on I'll grab the closest one and go for it...

I caution you now, us a toiling post and it's possibly TMI. Like, ya know, if you haven't potty trained a small child you might find it TMI.

Nava has developed her own sign for potty. 2 weeks after I started being really consistent with the ASL sign (which is random and I don't like so before was half hearted with), she decided to come up with her own. Smarty pants. So now when she slaps both palms to her chest* and looks you in the eye, you best down tools and go for the closest loo.

The thing is we are used to being told through eyes and poo face that it was time when a #2 was coming, every other day or so. But this is different. Because not only is she signing it, she's signing it when she needs to pee. Before when we took her and she only peed we'd kinda chalk it up as a failed bm attempt (girlfriend does have a history of having a hard time). But now it's get-it-through-your-thick-head-momma! undeniable that she'd like to pee on the potty thankyou! and not in her pull up. And we need not take her lil tiny fold up potty along anymore, because she's totally cool being helped to sit on the big potty. It's just all so grown up all of a sudden!

I think Santa Claus needs to be bringing some really cool foot stools to our house 'cause the potty game just got kicked up a notch.

* here's hoping this isn't the sign for something important. Or dirty.


Grandpa is Here!

Grandpa made it and he was in her good books pretty much instantly.

Of course, sharing your milk foam is never a bad idea if you wanna make a friend.

A fine day

Well, I've gotta give it to the universe. My Tuesday rocked. Rocked much more than Monday sucked even. A day where everything went right. Forgive me for going into agonizing detail.I need to remember there are days like this the next time a crappy Monday strikes I keep perspective.

From the top:
-Nava lets me brush her teeth with minimal fuss.
-She clearly communicated to the nanny that she wanted to potty even though she only wanted to do #1
-We get out of the house ahead of schedule for our journey (because I made a good decision to not try to cram in a few highly-likely-to-be-unproductive hours at work).
-Arriving at the boarder, there was a caravan of 50 cars blocking everything and lots of police sitting around not giving anyone instructions to prevent the deepening snarl. Miraculously, we all just wait in our places for about 10 minutes and then I'm waved through first.
-Enjoy zero lines on the Thai side due to the caravan holding everybody up. Oh and I get the very first car slot, making it fine to leave sleeping Nava in car while I go get stamps in passports.
-When I get back to the car, Nava has woken up but is fine with me having stepped away. I give her pork crackling by way of thank you.
-There's a large Save The Mekong protest on once I'm through immigration. The cops with the caravan are obviously cramping their style. I give a long honk and cheer to them as I manage to pull out ahead of caravan and am rewarded by huge smiles.
-Zero traffic on Thai side thanks to caravan holding everyone up behind me while I got ahead.
-I remember the correct petrol station that has the really sweet iced coffee stand and rather than trying to hurry, I am smart enough to stop, get a coffee and feed Nava lunch before she gets hungry.
-Caravan pulls up a my station. Huge internal groan as they start yelling at coffee girl in Chinese/English. I pipe up, translate, help the nice gal calculate prices in dollars and everybody goes away happy.
-There are 3 police checkpoints on the highway. None of them stop me.
-Get great parking spot at airport.
-Favorite airline has flight leaving in an hour, it's not full, there's no line to buy, and staffer commiserates about their horrible website the contributed to my horrible Monday.
-Staffer agrees to take a copy of my passport and credit card to allow me to book by phone though it's not really normal procedure and his copy machine is broken forcing him to have to use their competitor's.
-I realize I've left my Thai cell phone at home but I'm in time to buy a new number and give it to the airline guy so he can follow up on my book-by-phone issue.
-The seat next to us is empty on a pretty full plane.
-Nava is in a great mood, laughing and playing games despite having missed her nap and eventually nods off.
-On deplaning, the sky is huge and beautiful and I have a surge of emotion and joy that makes me hold Nava tight.
-Taxi encounters no traffic.
-Check in to find out our hotel has given us a nicer room than usual.
-Nava plays on the bed while I organize. Eventually she finds my purse and finds the seaweed snack inside and shows it to me and asks to eat.
-She looks incredibly cute chomping seaweed.
-I decide to buy myself the new toy (Iphone) I've been debating about since Thanksgiving.
-Nava lets me close the deal with a bribe of mango roll up even though it's way past dinner time.
-The touristy food court with overpriced food pulls out all the stops for us. Highchair provided, food delivered, extra dish and utensils for Nava, some apple chunks complementary, food that Nava and I both love, hold our table during a potty run, staff play with Nava and she puts on her cutest show ever, for like 20 min, so I get to eat. Nava loves her apple and actually enjoys practicing eating with a fork--huge breakthrough! They give her an apple to take home.
-During dinner, Nava told me she wanted to potty, we went she peed and was done. It's dawns on momma that her diaper is dry and she has asked to go to the potty just to pee twice today. Dang!
-During dinner I return a missed call (7pm). It's the airline staff on his own cell saying he's gotten my details into the system and if I ever need anything else I can call him personally.
-Pick up fully pimped out toy and head home with wired Nava who is not complaining despite spending hours in Ergo past bedtime.
-Stop for slice of cake to top off a great day. It's 50% off and really yummy.
-Realize with groan on subway I forgot hotel's number so I will have to walk back from the station. Walk 20 feet and hotel's shuttle appears.
-back in room, Nava is still in fantastic mood and we enjoy a mommy-n-daughter bubble bath.

If today is even half as fun, I'm a lucky woman. And it will be because Grandpa touches down in 30 minutes! Gotta run!



I have had a crappy Monday (yes, mine is already over. Sorry for those reading this as you just begin your Monday).

So rather than dwell on the Grrrrrrr... I present you the Awwwwwwwwwwwwww...

Bring on seasonal cheer!
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