dang, we broke her

Amidst the joy of Nava deciding to pick up her spoon (has happened 2x by the way-promise to let you know if it reappears) there is also some serious drama.

Like as in crying snotty snitty pissy drama.

who me?
You see, Nava has developed a little habit at mealtimes (esp breakfast and dinner it seems) that consists or crying. Crying when you give her food, crying between bites, crying and then crying. It also features head shaking NO! and the twisting of ones body back on itself. On a few occasions it has even featured the dreaded toddler back arch.

-it's not the food. We are only serving things she loves. she eats the whole thing generally. between cries and pouts.
-it's not teething. No other symptoms; no painful thumb gnawing in the past 72 hours
-its not intense hunger. She's done it even when dinner was preceded by a huge snack by only 30 min.

What do we think it is? Well...we tried process of elimination:
1st: gown out of love of vegetables? NOPE carbs and protein rejected too.
2nd: too hungry? gave snack. NOPE.
3rd: wants out of highchair? NOPE
4th: needs to go potty? NOPE
5th: mad that we tried to get her to self-feed? NOPE
6th: mad that we didn't let her self-feed? NOPE
7th: mad that are using spoon? NOT REALLY (switching to finger feeding sometimes increased intake to 2-3 bites between cried though)
8th: mad that we serve her out of her special plate/bowl? HMMM (switched to real palte last night and rest of dinner was peaceful. Used real bowl this morning, still had a hissy).
9th: doesn't want Mama to feed her: HMMMM (mom is not around for lunch and lunch seems less drama. she let Nanny Noi feed her this morning after I backed away)

The mystery continues and I'm begining to dread mealtimes.

Advice? Anyone?

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