my Little Miss All Grown Up

Well, Nava is still somewhat 'broke'. Mealtimes are definitely back to what they used to me but I'm starting to grasp that maybe they will never go back. Because my baby is growing up.

She is still haveing snitty hissy fits at meals pretty often. But one clear consistency is emerging. She wants control. She wants the power. She wants WANTS to feel like this is her deal not ours. Independent streak much?

We are trying to give her what she demands but the trouble is sometimes she's not really sure what she wants either. Last night she got her little table rather than the highchair, Goong feeding her rather than me, to be finger fed (as in someone else's fingers!) rather than spoon fed or self feeding of any sort. Spoiled much? Oh yeah, and she still shook her head no and made her 'no' sound with each bite. Right up until the plate was licked clean.

Since power and control seem a big part of the mystery we have ditched the oatmeal and gone to a finger food breakfast. This makes her very happy. She likes that we are all doting on her every whim but yet she in in charge, none of us are touching her food, there is no spoon nor plate in sight and all is right with the world.

Three cheers for peanut butter rice cakes and apple slices. And dinner tonight is out. Because Little Miss All Grown Up, like her mommy, totally loves to eat out and thus behaves better out than at home these days!

Check out my new hair style--pig tails!

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