over the moon with a spoon

Breakthrough alert!

Nava has been adamantly (that's a nice word for it!) refusing to have anything to do with using a spoon for the past couple of months. She was quite good at it and then decided OhHellNoI'mNotDoingThatItsYourJob.

On my part I did some hemming and hawing about it, how long I should let it go on, whether I should push her more, maybe if she goes to playschool, she'll learn...blah blah blah.

And then last night, Nava decided the spoon might be cool after all.

Looks like a pro don't you think? 

 Last nights dinner was rice soup with hamburger and spinach. Yum yum.

 After about 10 minutes of intense spooning she did decide she'd had enough and decided to finish off the remaining yummy spinach in a more direct manner.

Fine by me!


  1. that's super good! I gotta say though, sometimes when I watch kids ALLOWING their parents to feed them, I get a bit jealous. Moxie will NOT allow me (or anyone) to feed her and it takes about an hour for her to eat every*single*meal and then fling everything around. And it's frustrating too because she'll be really hungry and not making the connection between the food and her belly and will be trying to toss food and back arching and all it's like, STOP, GIRL! JUST EAT!
    I guess the grass is always greener, right?

  2. i think about our 'opposites' predicament often! It gives me a reference point. And in the next post i'll explain the drama we are STILL having despite the occasional spoon breakthrough!


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