With so much

With so much to say, why write?
I feel like that's what the naughty voice in my head keeps telling me these days? I know. Makes no sense. Ugh. So again, standing atop a pile of topics to write on I'll grab the closest one and go for it...

I caution you now, us a toiling post and it's possibly TMI. Like, ya know, if you haven't potty trained a small child you might find it TMI.

Nava has developed her own sign for potty. 2 weeks after I started being really consistent with the ASL sign (which is random and I don't like so before was half hearted with), she decided to come up with her own. Smarty pants. So now when she slaps both palms to her chest* and looks you in the eye, you best down tools and go for the closest loo.

The thing is we are used to being told through eyes and poo face that it was time when a #2 was coming, every other day or so. But this is different. Because not only is she signing it, she's signing it when she needs to pee. Before when we took her and she only peed we'd kinda chalk it up as a failed bm attempt (girlfriend does have a history of having a hard time). But now it's get-it-through-your-thick-head-momma! undeniable that she'd like to pee on the potty thankyou! and not in her pull up. And we need not take her lil tiny fold up potty along anymore, because she's totally cool being helped to sit on the big potty. It's just all so grown up all of a sudden!

I think Santa Claus needs to be bringing some really cool foot stools to our house 'cause the potty game just got kicked up a notch.

* here's hoping this isn't the sign for something important. Or dirty.

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