mostly wordless

sorry i'm just not in writing mode. come on part-time employment!

signing time for the win
cucumber to tide me over
my first babyccino (paid for unfortunately)


Apple Professional

I would have never have believed this if I hadn't witnessed it.

She grabbed the half peeled apple off the table, held on with both hands and dug in. She expertly sucked the juice and rotated it around to get a better bite when the first area wasn't as productive.

The sound track of crunchy apple combined with appreciative yummy and nummms continues to play on...


the post holiday slump

So my postings haven't been very meaty for quite a while now. The arrival of holidays, Grandpa, and travel all took their toll. As did lots of uncertainty on the work front.

Oh yeah, that and there's that whole PREGNANCY thing.

So I hereby announce my intention to get blogging again. The holidays are over. Grampy is well established in the rhythm of our lives. I have a contract through December 2012 that will pay bills and feed us (part-time!). I feel pregnant so I'm no longer in that weird purgatory of am-I-ain't-I-pregnant that I was in these past few months.

And on top of that I managed to hack my memory card and get off the photos Picassa kept balking at. Now I have lots to share. If you actually read Navagating on its webpage and not in a reader (::cough:: not that I would do that ::cough::) then you'll notice the blog looks a little different. Navagating will be turning one year old very soon so I'm playing around with a little visual revamp. Consider this a first draft.

In other news: Nava is still cute.

Just thought I'd put that out there in case you were wondering. Here's proof:

Big News!


Hello 2012!

Lanterns on the beach ;)

The fireworks scared at first but then we liked them-pretty!
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