bedtime romper room

 Last Saturday night I was hoping to go out a hear jazz.
Instead I watched Nava play hide-n-seek, tag and horsey (adapted version) with her cousins after her bedtime for well over an hour. Finally I realized someone had slipped my child an espresso and that part of valor is knowing when to quit.
We headed downstairs and she continued to terrorize the house for 2 more hours...the shlef, the fridge, the bathroom--it was all fair game. Goong and Sang were wiped. *I* feel asleep. Well, until she decided she wanted to play with me and climbed up to the couch and pulled on my toes.

But all good (ha!) things must come to an end and the espresso eventually finally wore off. At 9:49pm she passed out cuddled up next to me on the sofa. 

Source of the espresso is still unknown at this time but it was definitely a night for being thankful I sprang for the iphone because the videos are a sight to behold i tell you...


Cute candid

That's mommy's gluten-free cornbread she is spreading everywhere...

Official Identification

One of the joys of being half-commie is that you get to take ID photos regularly. The latest:


swedish amusement parks

(Aside to other bloggers: Can we start a mindless Monday? You know like Wordless Wednesday, Silent Sunday, Friday Photos? Soon, I'll never have to write an actual post...)

Our last trip to Bangkok (completely undescribed here on Navagating. I'm BEHIND), included a non-medical field trip. Off to...

Oh yes. The Swedish amusement park has opened in Bangkok. Our cart overflowith.

Oh and Nava likes the meatballs.


Controling the Remote

Guess who figured out the remote? We watch extremely little TV around here (the above was a night when a little miss woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep for her babysitters) but that hasn't stopped Miss N from figuring out the wonders of the little black plastic control.

She showed this off recently at Mee's Shop.  

Wait, back up, small detour: We have a tiny neighborhood shop a few doors down from us that sells drinks and noodles and papaya salad and is the place to watch the comings and goings of our block. Its about 150 sq ft in total, built in front of Mee's house and its run by the lovely lady nicknamed Mee (Bear). Mee was the first non-family member Nava would let hold her once she developed stranger anxiety. They are tight. And that's not just because Mee tries to slip Nava treats all the time and makes her a bowl of noodle soup if she even seems the least interested. Not related at all...

So anyways, Nava was hanging at Mee's and Mee was watching her soaps (it's a laid back environment). Nava grabbed the remote and kept changing the channels on her. And when Mee tried to get her remote back, well... lets just say the love has a limit!


Crawling At Last!


Yesterday, in Ban Sangwuey, Vientiane, Laos, a cheeky opinionated drama queen princess that goes by the name of Nava got up on her hands and knees and moved in a forward direction*.

Alert the media.

*note-the only person to witness said event was Nanny Noi thus Nava's Mommy, Daddy, and Grandpa are a little disappointed. Having only gone 3 paces before returning back to the army crawl, sources say it is unclear when the all fours hands and knees feat will be repeated. Navagating will bring it to you when it happens, where it happens...


Lazy Sunday with Lorraine

I'm missing my nap but you can make it up to me with some snuggling
This was our Sunday. We unexpectedly got to while away a lazy Sunday with Auntie Lorraine. Lorraine used to live in Lao but left us for Afganistan (no really) and has since become quite the bigwig there apparently (she has 'meetings on the hill' now!). So we were very happy to have some time to chill out VIP to VIP. 

and the mojito went to fly in the b52 and found a sexy beach...

Enough with the cocktails page. Pff. Waiter! FRIES!

Is your flight soon? I could really use that nap...

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