it's so damn effed up

March 7th is an important day. Lets be honest. It's not a day I'd likely be blogging about if Nava didn't come with an extra chromosome.

But she did and I've learned my lesson.

I am amazed by the collective elloquence of the community I've stumbled into so rather than re-hash March 7th myself, I'll send you to get told by someone else.

Listen to this Dad. Or this Mama. Or her.  They're hilarious writers much of the time. Just not today, because today is no laughing matter.

Not good enough? Still can't do it? Try listening to this mama. Or this one. Or her. Perhaps this?

So basically my message is this:

The next time that word flies out (I know, it does sometimes) try to grab it. Take it back. Excuse yourself.

And the next time you hear it, would you do a brave and uncomfortable thing? For me?

Better yet, for Nava?

Would you ask the speaker to stop?

(And could you teach your kids not to use it too?)


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