You will be happy to know that Easter has to be the only 'western' holiday that has not taken off here. No evil crass commercialization of a deeply important holiday in sight.


Except that...because of that... I miss it every year. Whoops.

At some point I will have to introduce Nava to the joys off egg hints and too much candy but until that day comes I guess I'll enjoy my free pass.

But this is holiday week for us. And it is a celebration of new and reinvigoration etc.

It's Lao New Year. Abd new year is a 3 day holiday which easily becomes a week. THE biggest holiday of the year.

Like many of its neighbors, Lao celebrates the new year by having a huge water fight. And dressing up in Hawaiian shirts (and getting drunk for days on end...but that's another post).

No. Really.

How cool is that? So cool that we are celebrating by leaving town for 5 days and going to the beach. I figure if I'm gonna be hot and dripping wet for a week, it better be poolside/waveside.

Stay tuned for cute pics from the beach. Cute because they'll star Nava. Not so much get hugely pregnant mama.

Happy Easter!

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