Postcards from the Sea

Long winded introductions aside, here's the full holiday post!

We spent a lot of time in the pool.

It was a BIG pool.

Our evenings were most often spent catching a show...
Have Signing Time, will travel

We ate a variety of beach front restaurants. The best might not have high chairs, but they have something BETTER. 

I like him, can I take him home with us?
What with the success with the green plastic one, we decided it was about time Nava got to meet a real live, slightly taller horse.

You'll notice it was so exciting that she fell asleep.
I think she preferred the green one.

Oh and about the re-grouping quickly. Funny story. Here's exactly how that went down.

Me: ::Stare at husband is disbelief::
Hubby: Oh well we can just go to [his hometown].  
(To visit my in-laws. Who live in an very underdeveloped and incredibly hot place no where near sea, beach, or a pool. Where everyone will be in the midst of a week long Pi Mai party which means drinking non-stop. And I'm pregnant so I can't drink to dull the pain of said experience.)
Me: ::blink::  ::blink:: ::blink:: :: panic::  ::thinking::
Me: We'll just go to a beach near Bangkok. You take Nava, I'll meet you down there. I've gotta go get us re-booked before everyone else has the same idea. ::sprints to ticket counter for alternate airline, books tickets for a flight in 2 hrs, sighs deeply in relief that we are not going to visit in-laws::
Me: ::gets in massive line for original airline to figure out the situation with refunds::
Airline Staffer: :: approaches me though I'm no where near front of line:: Mother! Do you want to go to Bangkok now? 
(Pregnancy has its perks)

Me: ::blink:: Yes! ::thinks What's the catch?:: When?
Airline Staff: The plane is leaving now, we will hold it for you. What color is your suitcase? Here, give me your passports, I'll get you set.
Me: Great. Here. I'll be right back. ::runs back to other airline counter, asks them to cancel that flight she just paid for::

Yeah, so that's how that went down...


  1. nice manoeuvring, great pics ;-)

  2. thanks! don't recommend starting your holiday off with that much panic and stress but all is well that ends well...


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