Bali Baby: I've got some explaining to do

And now for something completely different...

A little background
Navagating began over a year ago as an outlet for me to cronicle the life and times of my daughter Nava. I began writing the blog shortly after I had a huge happiness breakdown. Let me explain.

One day we were in the kitchen,  just the two of us in the house, and tears of joy at being Nava's mother, at having such a beautiful daughter that I loved with all my heart, just came surging out. I wept openly and for a long time. Nava got very concerned so standing in the middle of the room, I ended up rocking her in my arms as blubbered on. It was an incredibly cathartic moment.

My daughter was 9 months old. Those 9 months were biggies for me. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome 10 days after birth. She was diagnosed (very late) with bilateral cataracts at 5 months, had the surgery to remove them at 6 months of age, and began wearing contacts. I'd spent those 9 months debating quitting my job, packing up my family's life in Laos, and running to the US for all the services and medical care my daughter would seem to need (nevemind I had no 'home' to run home to, no job there, and the economy was in the toilet). I'd struggled daily with the pain of her diagnosis with Down syndrome. Oh sure, I was happy to be a mother, to be Nava's mother, I loved her. But I was still dealing with shit. And that day, for some reason, the shit took a backseat to joy. My heart really did feel like it would burst from happiness (hey, cliches come from somewhere).

Not long after I decided to start this blog as my answer to a baby book. And as my way of explaining to family, to friends, and to myself what was going on, how we were dealing, and (most importantly) just how kick ass Nava was.

Lets just go ahead and call that Mission Accomplished, mmm'k?

And then I got pregnant again. So for the last 8 months I've been blogging about being Nava's mom while getting ready to be someone else's mom too. It has always been exciting. Unlike some of my friends, I really haven't had the 'oh my god-what have I done-two children!?' panic attack (I credit the having a nanny and help from cousins for this). But I know its been a lot to sort through on some level. The very obvious proof being that the number of posts on Navagating has taken a nose dive these past months.


Well, now its time. My last month of pregnancy officially starts tomorrow (meaning, I could have 6+ more weeks in baby math). And we've decided to have Little Brother Monkey (the current working title for Baby #2) in Bali. So for the next 2 months or so Navagating is 'on location'.  I really wanted to write about this trip, this birth, Bali, etc but I was a little torn as to whether to do it on Navagating or start a separate blog. I've decided to do it here as I've come to the conclusion that I will always be Navagating. It's a permanent condition that started March 29th 2010 in Bangkok and it's not going away. And the story of the arrival of Nava's little brother is a story of Navagating too. He just doesn't know it yet.

So I hope you enjoy this little change up, keeping in mind, that a whole bunch of upcoming posts are gonna be all Nava-in-Bali. So not like that's a real stretch from our regularly scheduled programming. I just felt the need to give y'all a little background before I started talking birth choices and the whole story of Why Bali. 

Lets get started, shall we?
Let's Go!


  1. Anonymous27.5.12

    Yes definitely post here- otherwise I would have to check two blogs!! Can't wait to see how Nava negotiates being a big sister and Bali. Love to you all from here. Lis

  2. the beauty of your title is that it's so flexible with a punch. Definitely keep it all here. I completely understand the indecision - even started the new blog before I realized it didn't have to be that way and maintaining two was more than I wanted. haha.

    I am so excited for you.

    One other question - are you on leave or how do you manage to hang out in Bali for a month or more? Is your job portable? Sorry if that's too personal...?



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