Meet Stichting Sjaki-Tari-Us

When I was here in Ubud a couple of months ago I heard about an NGO supporting kids with intellectual disabilities. I thought it was a handicraft shop of some sort and never learned more. So once we were settled in here I figured it was time to learn more.

Stichting Sjaki-Tari-Us (no that's not a typo. unfortunately) is a Dutch-supported non-governmental organization that has launched educational programs for kids with intellectual isability in the Ubud area as well as the North of the island. They have a good descriptive website here.Their play-learn school model for young kids who attend with their parents sounded really interesting to me and they offer a cafe so we decided to go for lunch and check them out.

Brochures aren't fully appreciated yet...except as plates
Arriving at lunch time meant missing the kids that day but we were welcomed to come back so Nava could join them in their open play time one morning. Nava however, didn't let the lack of kids stop her from doing a thorough evaluation of the facilities. Or at least the most important one--the slide.

The staff were very warm and it was great to chat a little bit about special education and learn how things work in Indonesia. Their class for teenagers was still in session and it looked like everyone was really enjoying the lesson too. Lunch was yummy classic Indonesian cafe fare and I was able to pick up a few 2nd hand books in their shop.We'll let you know more when we go back to join in recess!

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