Bali Baby: Eating Well in Ubud

Everybody ready for a little food porn?
(I may regret using the P word when I see the report on search terms leading to this post but for now, I'll live on the wild side).

We have been enjoying eating out a fair bit since our arrival. I'm actually really enjoying cooking most of the time but sometimes the lure of the new wins. A few places we've enjoyed so far:

A local style cafe just a few hundred meters down the street from us. They offer mostly Indonesian food with a few western dishes thrown in the mix and have yummy daily specials. From the street its not much to look at (looks noisy as its right on a busy road before the bridge in Nyuh Kuning) but there's a back garden that has a low table which is perfect for dining with a kidlet. 

We asked for their recommendation and got this super yummy special-tuna steak with a spicy fresh relish type topping that kid of reminded us of Lao/Thai food.

Next we went to the super trendy Kafe. It wasn't meal time and I was craving something sweet. This being Kafe and Ubud there were dozens of 'healthy' choices. I wanted to split with Nava who doesn't do wheat so I decided to risk the healthy and got a raw chocolate tart.

Raw chocolate makeup

It was yummy and rich but just not hardcore chocolatey enough for my non-health concerned palate. I'm sure it was good for us though. The patrons and staff alike enjoyed watching Nava taste it. While Ubud is hip, apparently baby goths aren't so common... The whole menu here is awesome. I just have to order less healthy next time.

After a few days here, Supernanny Noi was getting a little disappointed in local fare. There's only so much fried rice and noodles a girl can take. She was flipping through tourist advertising magazines one day and ever so casually turned to me and said, "You know, I think I saw an advert for THAI FOOD!"

I can totally take a hint but I tried to warn her that Sout often finds Thai food abroad disappointing. Thai restaurants that don't serve Thais much tend to not meet our (spoiled and exacting) standards. So instead we searched out a place I'd heard about.

Melting Wok Warung
A tiny 8 table cafe with a chalkboard menu of only a handful of items-that nevertheless holds the #1 restaurant spot on Tripadvisor. For that reason alone we had to try it. But then reading the reviews a few people mentioned that its owned by a Lao-French couple so we *really* had to go. Its super busy and often full so we waited until 3pm to try our luck hoping that in-between meals would mean a) a table and b) service within toddler time limits.

We arrived to an empty place (yay!) and were immeadiately taken super care of when we explained we were from Lao. Supernanny Noi was gutted to hear that special the day before was Laab and Papaya salad - two very big Lao favorites. The special that day was more pan-asian fusion. Luckily the chef took pity on her and offered to make her something off menu. I got coconut milk curry noodles. It was all fantastic but between chatting with the owners, keeping Nava occupied and digging in, I didn't get pictures of the main course.

The advantage to eating at 4pm though is we had time to chat until we could fit in dessert. Lao doesn't do great desserts usually but thanks to the Frenchness we could have crepes, creme caramel, fondue, creme mocha....ahhh...not a raw/vegan/health food option in sight. Nava and I split the fondue and stole bites of Noi's creme caramel with coconut milk.

Nava recommends the fondue highly. Before I could get situated she decided to test the chocolate with her fingers so we got a complementary sensory OT session in as well. Bananas dipped in chocolate dipped in peanuts or sesame. What's not to love? The only hitch was when I got so distracted talking I offered her banana sans chocolate. That came right back out with a face that said, "Mom. Who the hell do you think you're kidding?!?".

We did find another good local place on the main street but of course I lost the name. The highlight here was satay. Nava loves to eat with her hands and bbq that comes with something similar to peanut butter on the side is just about heaven in her books.
have no idea why this is so grainy...
 The bonus was the menu had fish soup that tasted like home to Noi.

So we left with full bellies and faith that we shouldn't give up on the local stuff just yet.

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