Bali Baby: Maternity Photography For The Win

With Nava, we got maternity and newborn photos done at a place that specializes in school pictures. You know, the yearbook mugshots?

This is just perhaps a *smidge* better.


Any picture of yourself heavily pregnant that surprises you by making yourself look better than you remember being as your younger, skinnier self? TOTAL WIN.

Pregnant mamas in Bali-Make an appointment with Suxy.  And no, this is not a sponsored post!

Suxy Photography
Denpasar - Bali


  1. My favorite is the last one. Of course. xo

  2. Lorraine9.6.12

    Agreed .. that last one is so beautiful!!! Big Hugs xxxx

  3. Those are great! You look amazing and Nava is such a sweet big sister already.


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