An excellent day out at the Bali Zoo

We decided to hoist our family tourist flags high and head off the the zoo. The website said it would be educational. And we're all about education don'tyouknow. 

Google revealed it was only about 20 minutes from us so we called up the friendly neighborhood taxi and scooted down to see the animals. Up close and personal like. The Bali Zoo's claim to faim is letting you pet and take pictures with some of the talent. Unfortunately, Nava wasn't so into getting that close to Where the Wild Things are. But Supernanny Noi and I bravely took up the challenge and went to pet the baby lion. Awwww...

We tried again with her when it was time to pose with the Bearcat. But that was a fail in the lighting, focusing, smiling, and posing department. But boy, don't we make good cheesy tourists!!?!!

We found the wallabies were friendly.

Well hello to you too!
Of course we waved back.
38 week belly in full force!

Sout was drawn to a slightly less cuddly animal. Men. A zoo teeming with tigers, lions, crocs, bears...and the only photo I get of my husband is in front of a grumpy camel. Figures.


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