A Job To Do

I mentioned in my recent State of the Bub report that Nava had begun helping to clear the table now that she's walking.

She's now got it down. Tonight she cleaned her plate (I still have to feed bites most of the time-girl still has a serious princess complex sometimes) and then as I was asking her if she wanted more or was done she jumped ahead of me a step. She leaned way over to confirm the plate was well and truly empty and then grabbed it off the table with both hands. Real breakable plate mind you.

And then just sat there holding it straight out and looking at me.

I took my cue and picked her up out of her chair and lowered her to the ground. All the while she kept the plate perfectly flat and straight ahead. As soon as her feet hit the ground she marched straight to the kitchen door to hand the plate to Noi (the doorway, as is common here, is very high and requires a hard full body climb so that's the logical stopping point). She then came back to the table for her bowl, delivered it similarly, and finally came back for the 3rd plate and spoon.

All heavy and breakable. All carried with military-level stern and serious caution. Two hands without being prompted.

Girlfriend has a job to do. And she likes it.

Now what are some other jobs I can start outsourcing? Do tell.


  1. Wow, that's awesome!! I have Samantha help dust with one of those great big poofy dusters that don't knock things over. I also have her help make the bed (she puts the pillows on) and take the platic ware out of the dishwasher. She also likes to help unpack the groceries, by sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, taking everything out of the bags, and putting them all up on the counter. Milk it for all it's worth!!

  2. How very impressive. I'm teaching Cora to put away her toys right now. So far it's fun sometimes. This gives me hope for the "automatic dishwasher" I dreamed of one day having. :_


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