Nava's favorite local delicacy

Given Nava's excellent track record as an adventurous eater, we never really had to worry about what she would eat on this trip. And we guessed that in the hop across Asia, there'd probably be more same same than different.

And so far that's been true. Us adults are missing some of the super spicy delights of Lao and Thai food but generally we've adjusted. Except for Sout and rice. The man is crazy particular and can you believe it?! They don't generally eat the exact same species here as in Lao. Pffff....

Luckily Nava has clearly established a favorite. We never have to think twice about what to order her when we're out.

Because we're in the land of satay. Satay is the perfect food because:
1. It's BBQ
2. It's in small, easy on toddler teeth pieces
3. It's served on a stick which makes a great handle and requires no pesky fork or spoon
4. And best of all? It's served with a side of peanut butter (or something very close to it in Nava's book)


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