Still here, still chillin'

it's Bali time and the living's easy

Life is good. We've spent the last days mostly at the villa, getting in and out of the pool since the sunshiney weather has been breathtakingly beautiful.

And now that I've spent the last 2 hours cajoling technology into allowing me to upload a week's worth of pictures, I hope to blog about some fun details in earnest in the next day or two.  

To stopgap blog til then though...here's the Clif Notes.

Whileing away the days of Babywatch 2012 has mostly consisted of:
-Cooking lots of veggie stir fries. So nice to be have a decent if basic kitchen and the time to cook and enjoy sitting down to eat.
-Checking out the local organic market. Ubud's Organic Farmers Market is TINY in comparison to the roaring mega market we have in Vientiane so we were a little disappointed at first. But we've enjoyed what we've picked up (mostly very boring foreign standards like carrots and brocoli) and will continue our hunt for good local herb and veg options.
-Going out for ice cream after dinner on nice neighborhood stroller walk.
-Renting a motorbike. We got an automatic scooter for a month for $75. Petrol is less than half of the cost in Laos (half a US dollar a liter). Noi worked up the courage to take it out for a spin today and made it all the way into the center of tourist town and back. The roads are tiny here but they are paved and people drive fast so Noi was a bit nervous at first (not to mention its the other side of the road).
-We bought a hammock and Nava approves (photographic evidence above). Its hung up in the most temporary, lazy arrangement imaginable right now so only the 13 kilo'd ones among us are able to use it. Sout's first honey-do on arrival will be to sort out a proper arrangement so I can get in it.
-Trying to establish some sort of vacation schedule for Nava. She has been dodging naps, taking them late, being super cranky at times, and regardless of how late of a nap she gets she hits the wall of pissy at 6:30 and there is no placating or reasoning with her (with one lovely exception-go figure). Today she was up around 7:30, didn't nap til 2, did nap well for a full hour, and the 6:30 timer bell went off with a large whingey bang. It doesn't help that she's got molars coming in.

My walking's gotten so good I can do Ubud sidewalks with only one hand to hold. That's *seriously* good.

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