Swimming with the fishies in Sanur, Bali

Little Brother Monkey has not arrived so we took him snorkeling. We went off to Sanur for the day. It's about an hour from Ubud in average traffic. No plan really, just need to get out of the villa and do some more traveling. Within moments of arriving on the beach we got hit up about a snorkeling trip. While we undoubtedly did not get a *great* price, its wasn't very much either and it was well worth it. What a great way to kick off a beach day!

One of the best parts of our non-backpacker budget snorkeling was we got to ride in a boat. Nava LOVED this part. She kept patting dad's hands away because she wanted to stand up wihout help. We were going over ocean waves, sea spray coming up, and Nava was peeved we felt the need to hold her hand. This girl, I tell you...

Nava LOVES this new pool float (I keep meaning to write a post about it; it's that good). In the pool she growls at us to let go because she can do it herself. In the open ocean she at least allowed us to hold hands still. We threw some bread in the water so the fish were swimming right next to her. Not really snorkeling but a pretty good approximation for a 2 year old! Now I just need to get some prescription goggles!

Supernanny Noi really enjoyed her first snorkeling trip. We had a rough start with a too-loose mask but as soon as that was sorted she was off and had a great time.

Later back in the boat Noi was throwing bread into the water with Nava so the fish would come near Dad. Noi was so enjoying watching the show she didn't see that Nava had started sneaking the bread for herself. Miss Naughtykins was busted by the boatman...who was totally cracking up.

The speed at which she became a full time walker still boggles me. She has a wide stance (penguin walk comes to mind) and needs to practice to get rid of it but otherwise? She still likes to hold hands but more often than not she's just holding a single finger and its just for fun or confidence. Quite a few times on this walk she refused to hold hands in fact. 

Walking in the water, in the sand, with little waves, seaweed, fishies... all CHECK. Again, here, my hands weren't strictly necessary but just part of the fun!

38 weeks and 4 days here, in case you're keeping track ;)

Nava has been to the beach at 3 months (not a lot on interest in sand), at 21 months (allowed others to play sand near here and kinda touched it slightly), and at 24.5 months ('yes, it's sand. so?'). This trip was the first where the play value of sand finally clicked. What a great milestone :) So much fun. Lots of tasting occurred as well as sand building of course...

Every good day at the beach ends with this right?

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