Nava & Loka

The question I've been asked most in the past month is "How is Nava doing with Loka?"

When I was pregnant people often asked me if she was excited to be a big sister, if she knew she was becoming one, etc. Since Nava is preverbal I was relying on my interpretation but I was pretty confident she knew a baby was coming. She would often kiss my belly when we talked of a little brother or a baby. Of course knowing one's coming doesn't necesarily mean you'll like it so I tried to not build up too many expectations about how she'd handle it. I was relieved to hear some (very funny) horror stories from my girlfriends about how their older kids reacted to new siblings and figured, whatever her reaction I could be pretty confident it was 'typical'.

But Nava has completely blown me away.

She loves Loka. She wakes up each morning and comes to my bedside asking to be lifted up so she can see him. On sight of him she instantly disolved into giggles and happy babble. She starts pointing out his features, signing baby, comparing her body parts to his and mine...it's magic. She has demanded I let her hold him. She tells me to change his diaper. She loves it when he makes funny faces.

Yes, there has been a few times, especially during our marathon nursing sessions, where she seemed a little less than impressed that I wasn't available to play as she wanted. But really it's been so light and so quickly disapated I'm hesitant to even use the word jealousy to describe it. She got a funny look in her eye the first time I strapped on the Ergo and then reached for him now her but she didn't protest.

I'm not naive--I know at some point the bloom will be off the rose but for now?

For now, I'm enjoying the love.

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