One month flies by

Our little man is one month old.
(by the way, I love that the timing worked out that:
25th May - Arrive Bali
25th June - Loka's born
25th July - Notified passport's ready
Of course since I'm born on the 25th, I may be partial...


Loka. Who is not so little of a little man. He is off the charts lengthwise. I'm fully expecting him to get taller than Nava in...oh i guess...2 days?! I'm only a little tall and Sout's a little shorter than me so having a super long infant has come as a bit of a shock to me.

Oh and he nurses constantly. In the sense that he's heard of cluster feeding and thinks that's for the *less* committed. I'm happy he nurses so well enough to squash my occasional angst at not being able to get up and do stuff... or any stuff really (ok, not true but sometimes it feels that way). He gained a kilo in a month so it's clearly working for him. And I've found nursing so much easier this time around I do occasionally take liberties since I know he can just relatch--I  walk around while nursing him, pull Nava up on the bed while nursing, etc. He does get gassy and its very sad to see so I've been trying to watch my diet. Tempe is definitely not nice for him which is easy enough s we don't get that in Laos but I'm trying to figure out what else might be best avoided.

I had a little run in with Mastitis-we think. It came on like a freight train and I took homeopathy for it immediately and it went away equally quickly. I've never taken homeopathy before and I almost can't believe my own memory of how quick they kicked in so the whole episode still kinda bewilders me.

He's super alert and his neck is very strong. He pushes up when on his tummy and can even swivel his head around. He doesn't cry much (see above-it's hard to cry with a nipple in your mouth) but the most consistent crying is at diaper time. He will get thouroughly pissed and start doing that ry where they stop breathing and then you kinda stop breathing waiting for them to breathe and... yeah. Not cool.

On his birthday he finally got worn successfully for the first time--the sling and the wrap are not acceptable but the Ergo is (my arms are very thankful). The upside of the marathon nurse is he will sleep for a few hours stretch pretty consistently now, usually twice a day. One in the morning/early afternoon and one in the evening. No, not overnight or anything quite so holy grailish but I'm happy with it all the same. He definitely likes a good swaddle and he also sleeps very well on his tummy (*gasp*).

He's been strawberry picking, to a hot spring, and to three Balinese beaches. He went to a mass cremation on Tuesday and snuggled in the Ergo on my one shopping day of the whole trip this Friday. Next week he'll take his first flights and get stamps from 3 countries in his passport. 

And the best part? Nava is absolutely in love with him.

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