Firsts: Learning to cook

It's been raining for over 24 hours. Leaving the house would require 4WD like navigation of large mud bogs--all neighborhood roads are under construction. And it's nice and cool, cool enough that turning on the oven isn't a death sentence.

Based on what the universe gave us today I determined the best thing to would be to get back in the kitchen with Nava.

I'm on a mission to get through the stuff that's been gathering dust in the pantry--goods accumulated in part because some things are hard to source here so I tend to buy when I see it, not waiting for an actual plan to cook. In such a way I accumulated little bags of leftover raisins, figs, sesame, blanched almonds...and a bar of Kazakstani chocolate (a gift from a couch surfer I couldn't bring myself to eat so got thrown in the baking chocolate tub).

So I googled granola bars and we got to work. Nava quickly caught on to her two jobs: dump and mix. And she instantly developed a penchant for quality control too. Each new ingredient was subject to taste testing at length.

I had hoped to involve her in the mushing into pan step but by then cooking was boring and she had abandoned her post.

Oh well, they came out yummy- enough that Nava sweet talked her cousins out of most of theirs too!

Now to find a study step stool somewhere ...

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