One Lovely Blog Award: From Up & Away to Navagate

I recently found a fellow blogger sent me a lovely shout-out. Embarrassingly, I didn't find out about it until over a week later because the internet doesn't like me anymore (I'm having serious challenges getting a reliable connection back in Laos at home now that I'm not in the office. Grrr).

So a warm thanks to Laura at Down Syndrome: Up, Up & Away. Her blog gives me fun learning ideas plus gives me a window into the future with Nava. 

With the award goes the suggestion to share about myself. Seems a little repetitive for a blogger so I'll stick to a snapshot of my day so far in 4 random bullets instead (oooo, I'm a rebel!):
-My 2 month old and my 2 year old both slept through the (short in the case of the newborn) night and my day started at 7am. Sheer indulgence.
-My power cut off at 7:03am. Without power we have no water. End of indulgence.
-I spent the morning showing off Loka to my midwife who is leaving the country. I was blessed to get to have midwife care for the 2nd half of this pregnancy and enjoyed it SOOO much more than OB appointments! I doubt a post-birth visit with my OB would have involved them washing breatmilk poop off my child's bum twice in one visit, for example.
-I've spent the lunch hour in a cafe enjoying the wifi. An ex-boyfriend I haven't seen in 2 years walked in while I was nursing Loka and proceeded to want to catch up, give me hello kisses, and all that sort of thing. One of my more uncomfortable nursing in public moments.
And enough about me...

The award also comes with a suggestion to award it to other bloggers I admire. In true mother-of-newborn fashion I'm going to cut a corner and instead give a shout out to everyone at the International Alliance of Writers for Down syndrome and Down Syndrome Blogs. There's some great writers over there and Loka's only letting me use one hand right now so that's all I got!

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