Sibling Rivalry comes to town

It seems that 6 weeks is the magic number. The number of weeks before a two year old used to being the center of attention decides the small wriggly thing adults keep telling her is her brother (whatever that is) has overstayed his welcome and needs to hit the road.

We are now enjoying tantrums and whining like we've never seen before. It isn't always pleasant. So far it's all directed at me, not at Loka though and for that I am grateful. She seems to especially resent me nursing him though that's likely just because its what I do the most.

So for know we're trying to get through it with patience and empathy. Thank Buddha that the cousins are still on school break do there's no shortage of extra hands around the house. I try to go play with her as soon as Loka's needs are taken care of and am giving lots of hugs.

Another day, another developmental phase...

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  1. yep. with rachel it got better once charlie was able to sit up on his own. she liked to bring him toys. :)


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