Don't cry

I left Nava at Pre-school for the first time today. I really wanted to ensure today was a happy one...she got a full nights sleep, woke up happy, but the morning took a turn with what I think was jealousy frustration. Two year olds are not for the feint of heart.

But I sucked it up, put on some music for her to dance to and kept to the plan. She brightened and danced and smiled happily to get in the car and leave her brother behind. She dragged her feet a little getting into school but was mostly excited. She quickly sat down for shoe removal, helped put them on the shelf, and was keen to have her snack (which is totally kosher-kids chose their snack time there). So I felt string and gave hugs and kisses a d headed out.
Only then one of her playgroup buddies burst out crying when I went to go (maybe reminded her or her mama going or?) and Nava followed suit. We had a 2nd snuggle and one of her teacher swooped in to distract and I practically ran out to not lose my nerve.
I left Nava with a nanny (Supernanny Noi) at 3 months. This is harder though. I trust the teachers completely so it's not that. It must be because of the pressure of the concept of school. Of inclusion. Achievement. Independence. Or just the reality that she's growing up.

Anyways. Im going to go order a no sugar mango shake to go, get back in the car and slowly go back to school. Less than 2 hours today. Tomorrow a little longer and the next day a little longer after that.

We can do this. I just hope *I* don't cry.

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