oh goodness, it's school

Nava has been in school for 2 days now. As mom, it has been such an intense two days. And I'm sure if Nava could blog she'd pipe up with a "Mom, how do you think *I* feel!?!?".

Firstly, the good.

It's a great school. Really it is. She can color or paint at any time. She can have her snack whenever she wants. They have a lady just for assisting on the potty--and the bathroom has perfect fully functional half-sized flushing potties. She has playgroup buddies in her class.

And the really really cool highlight? She picked up a colored pencil and scribbled on a piece of paper of her own accord for the first time today. Seriously. No amount of watching Mom, Dad, Noi, Goong or Saeng with chalk, crayons, pencils, or markers ever got her to do it and she does it all of 5 hours into her school career. Worth the month's fees right there :)

The bad? No, nothing's bad. It's just a challenge. To know how much I should stick around. To explain her signs. To make sure she gets the support she needs, that the teachers understand her learning style without demanding she is somehow given more attention than others or making it seem like she's actually too much of a challenge and perhaps shouldn't be there. Keep in mind, this is a new experiment. This school has never had a child with Down syndrome before (I doubt any other special needs either but I could be wrong on that). She is a fully inclusive pre-school with no special aide (well, she's had me for 2 days, but starting tomorrow I'm leaving for part of the time).

It's fantastic.

It's also a little bit tricky.

We'll get there. The director today suggested Nava's assigned seat in the kitchen get mode to the end of a table so she doesn't have to maneuver around quite so many little squirmy bodies to get to it. I was elated because I really wanted to ask for that yesterday but was afraid to make additional demands. Since she brought it up I asked if we could go ahead and make the accommodation of putting her on the end of all the places the kids have name assigned stuff: the basket for her snack box, her water cup slot, the towel in the bathroom, her bag cubby, and the shelf for her shoes! It's a lot of assigned places and they're all labeled with the child's name and an icon of their choice (we went with a turtle) but making hers on the end should help a lot compared to searching through the crowd (there's like 15+ kids so it takes *me* awhile to find her name, for example).

And tonight I have homework. Figures huh? the kid goes to school but I---

Anyways, yes, so I had to prepare a list of all the words Nava signs so the teachers can learn some. They are also keen to see Signing Time so I'm *sharing* our collection with them tomorrow.

So far so good. Lots more to learn.

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  1. How exciting! Congrats on a great start!



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