This post is proof that, at one day shy of his 3 month b-day, Loka finally allowed me to wear him.
In a second rate sling thingy.
For 15 minutes.
It was a glorious 15 minutes too. I could interact with Nava at the playground. Hold her hand, spot her in the slide. I still needed help (thank the maker for help!) but I could be there with both for a little while, for the first time.

Here's hoping this is a sign of things to come.


  1. Kelley! Just in the last few days, Zintis has suddenly been ALL OVER being worn. I have a smallish mei tai which is the perfect size for him right now, and it has been the key to 3 of his last 5 naps- as in, could not do a single thing to please him until I put him in the mei tai, and he just chilled and then from one second to the next, just dropped his head and was asleep. And then amazingly transferred easily to the cot. These boys will come around! :)

  2. Thanks-he has definitely come around. I think it corresponds with starting to no longer be so frog legged in an upright position? Does that make sense?


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