Two steps forward...

Three mornings of preschool
+ One Nava
3 separation cries
3 "oh you're back" pickup greetings

Yes she cried each morning but I think it's more the transition and the desire to be near me all the time (esp due to Loka's arrival) that causes crying more than any fear of school. 2 times I arrived for pickup and she was in a teachers lap. 3rd time she was at her table spot enjoying snack. Her teacher reported she had signed for cracker.

The biggest unforeseen this week was Nava's seeming aversion to joining in with the group. I knew the loud crying of the kids who aren't cool with school would be a turn off (who would wanna do her 'work' a few feet away from a crying kid?!?!). But it's more than just the crying. Nava kinda shuts down a bit in a large group. Well, large for her, like more than 3-4. Sometimes it's an outright refusal to join, sometimes it's pulling her "shy" body and face. I'm hoping it something familiarity will overcome.

For example, music time in the circle. She resists joining but I know she loves it because she wants us to sing and do the motions with her at home. As of last week she was willingly "sitting on the blue line" and danced a bit.

She's getting there though. And it's really fun to watch.

Except at drop off time.


  1. Love that she's gotten so comfortable with school! Samantha won't join in with groups, either. Never has. I hope it changes as she matures, though. Slowly, slowly, she's starting to do *slightly* more with groups, but it's still pretty much hit and miss. Love the pics of your beautiful girl!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that about Becca. I really hadn't considered that some kids just are into groups in the longer term even.
    First time parenting...so much to learn!


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