What I See

I see Nava growing up by the day, the hour even.

Her body is stretching out.

Her clothes preferences becoming undeniable.

Her friendships are emerging.

Her words are coming (bye bye was the clearest new one I heard this week but there are many others).

Her confidence is increasing-she's not intimidated by the bigger, louder, faster kids at the playground like before.

I see my beautiful first born. I see her blossoming. Changing. Slipping out of the realm of Mine and becoming Herself. Her own person. Something she always was, of course. But now, now, it's just a lot more undeniable.

The person she's becoming is still the person I get to cuddle every night and wake up to the pitter patter of her penguin walk every morning. But I can see far enough out to the coming horizons to realize this super fun age is fleeting too. Here's hoping the hugs and cuddles stick around a long time.

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