31 for 21 2012: Awareness Campaign Lite

It's October again.
October is Down syndrome awareness month. But World Down Syndrome Day is in March.
I know, it's confusing.

But, getting back on point, it's this month a bunch of bloggers attempt 31 for 21: blogging all 31 days in October in the interests of awareness raising and celebration of those with Trisomy 21 (as in 3 copies of the 21st chromosome aka Down syndrome. But you knew that).

So here goes nothing! I can't promise a lot of deep thoughts but I've got a huge backlog of day in the life type stuff and few heavier posts rattling around in my head. Goddess, infant, toddler, work, and Lao internet willing, I will be posting everyday. If nothing else, I can promise a steady stream of really cute pictures. What's not to like?

If you'd like to see who else is 31for21ing, have a look over at this year's host, Big Blueberry Eyes. And if you tweet, the hashtag #31for21 awaits you.

Topless Photos! ZOMG!


  1. What a precious photo! Ah, pool time is so fun!

  2. We all love the pool :)


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