31 for 21: Family Sunday Tradition

 Dad is now working away most weeks Monday to Friday. As we've gotten into the rhythm of his schedule we've also developed a habit of evening frolics downtown along the bank of the Mekong. Until very recently this area was wild and undeveloped. I can't say I like everything they did to it (a road through a park!?!) but it is really precious to have a big open space in a town like this. And since we live on a rocky dirt lane, having a place for Nava to enjoy a long walk is also very appreciated.

The whole town is there at sunset, when it finally gets cool enough to enjoy being outside. Seniors, teens, young families, skaterboys, aerobicizers, you name it.
This past Sunday was marked by a) Loka agreeing to a whole walk in the sling (wooohooo!) and b) Nava going barefoot after a little naughty shoe off taking resulted in said shoes being forgotten. You win some, you...walk barefoot.
Lack of shoes didn't slow her down at all. Loka being in a sling sure helped make my job a little easier.  We have officially reached the stage of "come here" means "run away" and, of course, No means Yes.

They even supplied a nice clean beach right there.
Ok, it was a new path under construction. Still good.

add your own caption. please!

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