{31 for 21} Take my brother...please

Things started out very easy for us on the sibling rivalry front. I think, all told, we are still getting off pretty easy. But it has gotten harder.

The worst of it seems to be when I'm doing something with Loka when she wants me to be with her. In these cases, having 2-3 other people at her disposal really is of no comfort and all she wants is mommy and therefore all she wants is mommy to quit it with that little brother guy. Sometimes this means refusal to eat dinner, sometimes non-cooperation at bedtime, and (many many) other times it means whining.

She has started hitting him--in that toddler slap sort of a way. She does it right in front of us after being told gentle and with a glint in her eye that makes it crystal clear that she is doing it to get a rise. Needless to say, she's frustrated and this is a way to express her disapproval.

Its a bummer in some ways but...but...but...its no different than what just about every mommy who has been here has described. It may suck but it's fairly age appropriate. Whoohooo...way to go behavioral milestones ;)

At the same time though she is extremely affectionate with him and still enjoys overseeing diaper changes an etc. She asks to hold him and want to sqeeze him and she brings toys to him. And for right now at least, that cuteness is helping to soften the emotional blow for a mommy seeing one sibling hit another.

Oh and I bought a toddler-appropriate discipline and parenting book yesterday, ya know...just in case.


  1. Yep, totally normal behavior. :) I remember my eldest son when our middle son was born. Oh man, there was some rough (in a toddler sort of way) times. But, though they still may fight every now and then now, they are also very close. Just stay consistent, praise the positive, and know that this too shall pass. ;)

  2. Thanks for the tips :)
    I'm glad Loka is growing so big so fast, he'll be able to hold his own soon! Oh and then won't it be a sight...ugh!

  3. The sibling thing has been rough at our house too. Claire adores her sister but is soooo rough with her at times. The pushing and scratching aren't fun, but the biting is awful!

  4. Whoa, that's gotta be rough on mom. Hugs!

  5. *following toddler discipline posts*

    Humnoy has been very clingy (not complaining at all!) because of this looming belly that is constantly in his way when he's nursing. I am worried about regression or undesirable behavior when #2 arrives too. Maybe you will share your thoughts on that book you got!

  6. Just today at the pool I was enjoying all the (unusual) cuddling I got out with Nava as 'just us girls'. So that's definitely a positive!

    I will definitely share my thoughts on the book once I get a chance to apply it a bit I think...reading a couple now actually, all interesting, all make me wonder how I can share and get consensus on the approach with my extended Lao family!

    We haven't dealt with regression yet. Fingers crossed.

  7. it will pass...when he really starts moving around and less reliant on you things will change. don't read that book just yet. ;)


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