{31 for 21} WISE - Tastes Like Chicken

I'm relaunching the WISE series. As in: What Is She Eating? Series. 

Today's food:

It's fluffy threads, akin to candy floss. But its not candy. It's not a vegetable either. 
Imagine jerky. Imagine jerky so dry it was almost power. Imagine if that jerky wasn't in chunks but in tiny shreds. Imagine it and you have this. 
Chicken floss. Also, see pork floss. 

Its sweet kinda freeze dried meat power floss stuff. You can eat it straight (gets everywhere) or dump it on hot steamed rice and mix it right in. Nava approves. It's 10% sugar so Mama cringes a little but hey, at least she's eating. 

And honestly I can't feel too bad giving it to her because when I was an exchange student in Thailand in high school and I'd hit my limit of meat that was full of bones and gristle and fat and skin not to mention tough...I found pork floss and I loved it. 

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