When my daughter was born everything changed 
and yet nothing changed 
and therein lies the blog.

This is my answer to a baby book for my first born, Nava. Yes, she's got Down syndrome but that's just one part of what makes her Her. We found out about it about 10 days after she was born. She also had cataracts in both her eyes; we found them at 5 months and they were removed at 6 months and now she wears glasses because of it. Other than that she's healthy with a wicked appetite.

Us? We're a mixed nationality/mixed ethnicity family of four-ish, living in a little tiny slightly authoritarian country located 14 time zones away from my birth place. Nava was born in the country next door and has already had 3 passports and I've lost track of how many flights she's been on. Nava just became a big sister so there's whole lots of new navagating to come. 

When you see we used on Navagating it can refer to depending on the post, time, and context: me (mom), Daddy, Nava, Noi (our nanny), and/or Goong and Sang (two college-age cousins that live nearby and help us out).

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